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    Smoke extraction

    Smoke extraction is an integral part of a building’s fire safety. In the event of a fire, an appropriate smoke extraction system enables people to exit the building safely, restricts the spread of fire, and minimises damages to the building. Preventing soot and smoke gases from spreading also makes firefighters’ work easier and more efficient.

    The main goals of smoke control are to prevent the spread of smoke from one room to another, remove or reduce smoke, and cool the air to prevent flashover.

    Smoke extraction is a closely regulated field. We know all about the regulations and rules pertaining to smoke control so that you don’t have to.
    Matters to be taken into account in smoke control:

    • Pursuant to Section 12 of the Rescue Act (379/2011, Pelastuslaki), the owner and occupants of a building are responsible for keeping the smoke extraction system operational and appropriately serviced and inspected.
    • The goal of smoke extraction is to secure a safe evacuation route for people and a smoke-free access route for rescue services.
    • When installed and maintained correctly, a smoke extraction system helps protect the property, and insurance companies generally require buildings to have such a system in place.
    • Smoke extraction systems are divided into natural and mechanical ventilation systems.
    • Smoke extraction is designed on the basis of a risk analysis and, in most cases, the smoke extraction plan must be submitted to the rescue authorities for approval.
    • Specifications for the design, scaling and installation of smoke exhaust ventilators are defined in the European standard SFS-EN 12101-2.
    • Section 66 of the Land Use and Building Decree (895/1999, Maankäyttö- ja rakennusasetus) requires buildings to have use and maintenance instructions if they are in permanent use as a residence or a place of work.
      Regulations and instructions for the content of these instructions are provided in section 4 of the Finnish National Building Code.
      The use and maintenance instructions consist of property-specific documents that facilitate and support property’s maintenance.
    • Sections 1 and 4 of the Rescue Equipment Act (10/2007, Laki pelastustoimen laitteista) also pertain to smoke extraction systems.

    BestSes designs and installs smoke extraction systems

    We are able to assist you in all questions related to smoke control. Why not contact us and let our experts design a safe smoke extraction system that complies with all standards for your property?

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