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    BestSes offers comprehensive smoke extraction services that cover the system’s entire service life, from design to maintenance. The best results are achieved when a single contractor is responsible for the entire system delivery, including products and services.

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    Designing smoke control begins with a risk analysis, which includes the evaluation of the required smoke extraction level. Smoke extraction requirements are classified into three levels:
    Level 1:
    Smoke is driven out via windows and doors exploiting the natural buoyancy of hot gases. No separate smoke extraction devices are installed.
    Level 2:
    The building has smoke extraction devices, which can be switched on by rescue services. Such devices may include ventilation vents and exhaust fans.
    Level 3:
    The smoke extraction system operates automatically.

    BestSes designs your smoke extraction system to meet all the legal requirements.


    High-quality installation ensures that your smoke extraction system functions properly. We have 12 years of experience in installation work and we employ 50 highly skilled installation technicians.

    BestSes is part of Sähköneliö Oy. Sähköneliö has been granted approval by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), and the company has S1 certification for electrical work.

    You are welcome to contact us for an offer on installation, even if you are acquiring the equipment from another provider.


    We offer maintenance services that help ensure fire and personal safety.

    Our permanent and fixed-term maintenance agreements include all measures required by regulations, including documentation, regular tests and inspections, and recommendations on any maintenance measures based on check-ups. With our maintenance agreement, you can make sure that your smoke extraction system passes all inspections by rescue authorities.

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    Our maintenance services ensure that your smoke extraction system works properly throughout its service life and help increase the system’s lifespan. When you have a maintenance agreement with BestSes, you are granted a 10-year warranty on equipment delivered by us.