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    Our product selection includes smoke vents and smoke ventilation windows, exhaust fans, ventilation control panels and all related accessories. BestSes also provides CAN bus solutions for the control of smoke extraction systems.

    Smoke vents

    We supply high-quality smoke vents. Our selection includes wall- and roof-mounted models for both new buildings and renovation projects..

    Smoke vents equipped with motor operators for opening and closing can also be used to provide natural ventilation. Vent covers can be either transparent or opaque.

    Our smoke vents are CE approved and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. Contact us for a catalogue containing more detailed information on our smoke vents, including pictures.

    Smoke ventilation windows

    We also supply top-quality Finnish smoke ventilation windows. The easy-to-use windows have aluminium frames and can achieve U values as high as 0.8 W/m²K. The window panes are made of either self-cleaning glass, solar protection glass, or standard/reinforced safety glass. Anti-fog glass can also be used for the windows.

    When possible, we also install smoke extraction systems for window frames mounted prior to 2013, turning the window into a smoke ventilation window.

    Sähköneliö uses windows delivered by Riihimäki-based supplier Ikme Oy.

    Exhaust fans

    Our collaboration partners have delivered exhaust fan systems for offices, hotels, airports, business premises and particularly challenging applications, such as parking lots, cruise ships and oil rigs. Fire safety solutions supplied by BestSes are always of the highest quality, thanks to the company’s broad product range and extensive experience in various air conditioning systems.

    Control panels

    BestSes provides a wide range of smoke extraction control panels from various manufacturers, selected to suit the application. The systems come with a back-up battery and use a power supply of 24 or 48 V. The system’s power sources are CE approved. We offer control panels for all applications, including blocks of flats and industrial plants.

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    Contact us and we sort out a suitable solution and smoke extraction system to your property.

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